Investigations for companies

I.R.I. Agency is a leader in corporate investigations, those investigative activities, requested by the owner or legal representative of the company but also by public and private entities, aimed at solving problems concerning the business itself.

I.R.I. Agency professionals possess the necessary qualifications to ensure that every company protects its assets, documents, corporate identity and management operations.


Corporate surveys:

  • absenteeism;
  • Unfaithful partners and employees;
  • investigations for theft, fraud, sabotage or damage;
  • unfair competition;
  • Individual accompaniment (escort, security);
  • surveillance for executive security;
  • Special discrete video surveillance services;
  • insurance accident investigations.

Investigations for corporate protection in litigation:

  • Search for valid witnesses for judicial purposes;
  • Acquisition of evidence for civil proceedings;
  • Expert and party technical advice;
  • Inspections and documentary surveys;
  • Feasibility study for special needs.

Investigations for corporate protection:

  • Counterfeiting of trademarks and patents;
  • leakage of confidential information;
  • Harassment, anonymous letters, intimidation, bullying;
  • defense against extortion attempts;
  • industrial counterintelligence;
  • Deterrent surveillance in industrial areas.

Financial and business surveys:

  • Research of debtors and heirs;
  • credit recovery;
  • Behavioral and pre-employment audits;
  • Fiduciary control over people and companies.

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