Investigations for private individuals

I.R.I. Agency has for years been discreetly and professionally engaged in investigations in the private field, for the search and identification of information, for the protection of rights in court proceedings, for the family, matrimonial, property, and the search for missing persons.

The family is supposed to signify security and serenity but it sometimes happens that it becomes a stage for tragedy and tension. Identifying its causes, following its developments and seeking solutions is the purpose of the I.R.I. Agency.


Family investigations:

  • Marital infidelity;
  • Evidence for separation charge;
  • Child custody trials;
  • Evidence of drug and alcohol use;
  • behaviors of family members.

Personal protection investigations:

  • Investigations for harassment, blackmail and threats;
  • stalking;
  • backpedaling service;
  • Personal security service (escort).

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